Monday, June 15, 2009

Roman Holiday: Last Day!

Our last day in Rome! As we walk to the Colosseum these are the sights along the way:

The Roman Forum is one of the most fascinating ruins to see:

I thought the Colosseum was more interesting on the outside than inside! This is one instance where we should have sucked it up and paid for the audio tour! You know those little phone things that all the tourists walk around with up to their ears?

Inside the Roman Forum. I loved how the ruins had wild flowers growing among them. I also loved how architectural detail was strewn about on the ground!

Market day in Campo de' Fiori:

This photograph depicts pretty clearly the narrow dirty Roman side streets. Rome is not a clean city.

Random act of doggy kindness:

Bramante's Tempeitto we found by means of a happy accident!

Now to pack up our bags for the trans-atlantic flight home! It was an amazing, busy, fun, crazy week! Stay tuned for an epilogue with photographs Jeff took on his mini-adventure!

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