Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Roman Holiday: Day One

I've decided to post photographs of our trip to Venice and Rome on the photography blog, so my loyal reader can get the full story of the trip! With any luck, I'll be able to keep that reader on the edge of their seat, anxiously awaiting the next installment! And so we begin!

Have you been in Terminal Two at RDU yet? It's so nice! The architectural detail is very industrial and airy. We got to inspect every I-beam and panel as we waited with anticipation to find out that our flight to JFK went from being "delayed" and status updates every hour to cancelled after seven hours.

Jeff was less than thrilled. We spent the first night of our vacation at La Quinta Inn at the airport. The upside? They had a gym there and I got to workout. Jeff got to make himself some waffles. The downside? One less day in Venice. 

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