Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Roman Holiday: Take Two

After my last workout for what would be ten days, vowing to never fly through JFK (until we had to get back into the country), and another few hours in beautiful Terminal Two at RDU, we are finally en route to Venice! Upon missing our flight to JFK, where we would have made our connection that would take us directly to Venice, I rebooked us for a flight the following day that went from Raleigh to Atlanta to Paris to Venice. I seriously vowed never to go through JFK again, ever. Until, of course, we had to fly home. But that's another chapter of our story, later to come!

Arriving in Venice is such an amazing experience! You take a vaporetto (water bus) from the airport past the barrier islands to Venice. The Vaporetto can best be described as something akin to the "T" on water. After an overnight trans-atlantic flight, there's nothing more refreshing than the sea wind in your face and the beautiful panoramic sight of San Marco getting bigger and bigger as the vaporetto approaches! (Which is not what is depicted here. I think this is the cemetery island as seen from the vaporetto.)

Sadly, because we were a day behind in our schedule, we had to hustle off the boat, check in to our hotel (after finding it first), drop our bags, and catch another water bus to Lido, to catch the start of the opening time trial of the Giro 'd Italia. I believe our plane touched down around 11am in Venice and the race started around at 3pm. I think this day turned out to be no less than forty hours!

I was however, not in too much of a hurry as to miss one of my favorite things about Venice: the amazingly confusing yet beautiful street signs! En route to Lido:

Jeff felt right at home in Italy, as they worship the scooter as much as he does!

We finally made it to Lido! Would I ever catch a glimpse of Lance? Did I realize just how much walking I was about to under take this week? Just how may calories are in a tiramisu...

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